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7 Reasons Why Flying On A Private Jet Never Gets Old

In the last couple of years, the private jet industry has experienced a boom as more and more people consider flying private. The new patrons who prefer the ease of travel and flexibility understand the benefits of business aviation and are keen on reaping them for their advantage. There are numerous benefits to traveling via private jets, perhaps more in the times of the covid-19 pandemic than ever before.

The need for safe, flexible, and timely air travel had made private air travel more accessible to the general audience. Most aviation services can easily be availed via different platforms, and private jets are no longer considered solely as a means of luxury air travel. Instead, they have now become a necessary means of travel because of their variety of offerings.

If you are not completely sold on the idea of traveling via private jets, you might reconsider after realizing its benefits. From convenience to practicality, here are 7 reasons why traveling in a private jet is ideal:

1.      Traveling Via Private Jets Saves Time

Remember waking up hours before your flight and getting in long traffic lines in the airport? If you are flying on a private jet there are no lines or prerequisites like in commercial planes. Whether you arrive an hour early or an hour late, a private jet doesn’t take off without you. You will not only be able to spend less time at the airport, but you also have the luxury of picking out where you land. Private jets are smaller than commercial planes, making it easier for them to get landing permissions, even on smaller sites.

2.      On Private Jets, You Decide the Schedule

With private jets, you don’t have to browse for the availability of different flights on different dates. Instead, you can pick and choose where you want to be and when. If your stay lasts longer than expected, or if you have to book an emergency flight somewhere – traveling via private jets gives you the option of making your flight schedule. Easily reroute your flights to fit your travel needs and align with the travel crew.

3.      You Reach Your Destination Faster

Typically, commercial airlines have multiple prerequisites that need to be met before the planes leaves or lands. Fortunately, none of that double-checking, logging in luggage, and cross-verification is required when flying private. If your private jet has enough fuel capacity to take you to your destination, you would be flying directly there. Traveling on private planes removes layovers and unnecessary checkpoints. More importantly, private jets fly higher, which means they don’t compete for space with bigger planes – resulting in a faster arrival to your destination.

4.      Safer Means of Travel

One of the reasons why most people preferred traveling privately during the covid-19 pandemic was that it reduced exposure, and thus, was considered safer. Passengers that fly via commercial airlines have to go through multiple touchpoints before getting on the plane, and after. Whereas, in private air travel, the number of touchpoints is greatly reduced, which then reduces your risk of exposure to contagions. Moreover, there are a limited number of passengers and crew members, making it even more safe and secure to travel privately.

5.      Private Air Travel Offers Value For Money

When thinking about private air travel, it is common to think of a high price point. However, in recent years, the private charter has become more affordable. Most of the rates we see today are the same as that of flying business class, which then makes flying private more value-oriented. With corporate executives and business owners who don’t have much time to spare, flying via a private jet is more convenient than flying business class.

6.      Privacy and Security

Private travel is usually a preferred way of traveling for many athletes, celebrities, political figures, and other corporate personalities, and it is not without reason. Private air travel offers unmatched privacy and security, the comfort and convenience are respected and protected throughout the course of the travel. For high net individuals and business people who have to work on the go, private jet travel allows them space to work at ease.

7.      Unmatched Comfort and Amenities

Private air travel ensures that passengers get outstanding amenities that are easily more appealing than commercial airline’s premium offerings. You can pick and choose what your private jet offers, starting from spacious cabin space, master bedrooms, showers, to plush leather seats, and more. Since you have the entire cabin for yourself, you can freely bring any item of necessity with you, and your beloved pets! Bring any item that is required on your trip without worrying about luggage capacity and experience some of the finest in-flight gourmet dishes.

Traveling via a private jet offers many benefits, and caters best to people with specific needs. Be it fast traveling, safety, comfort, or all three – private jets have a dedicated niche now and for years to come.

Explore Breathtaking Destinations Through Heli Ride

Even though exploring a current-day- tour spot on foot is a surefire manner of immersing yourself inside the factors of hobby and sounds of distant places, cultures, and landscapes, experiencing a bird’s-eye-view of the identical vicinity can offer you a welcome exchange in mind-set—and is an unbeatable way to assure high-quality panoramas. Helicopter trips are one of our favorite motels and comfort excursions. It gives a chance to explore this tremendous earth and the unusual danger to hit the skies, imparting high-quality unparalleled to get into tough-to-acquire places starting from Botswana’s lush Okavango Delta to the rocky glaciers of New Zealand.

The world is a beautiful region to discover hence, we’ve picked the perfect locations for you with a particular birds-eye view. Could you take a look at them?

A Luxury, Refined Ride (Dubai)

Dubai no longer satisfactorily treasures your soul with all the blessings the millionaire’s playground can provide; however, it pleases your eyes with cute sceneries from an aerial mindset. Taking a helicopter excursion in Dubai isn’t some problem but an acute experience.  With all the perfectionistic landmasses specific into incredible figures in the sea named Palm Island and the region and such big houses like the Burj Khalifa, it buys each person. This 829-meter-tall building dazzles in reality, absolutely everyone with its futuristic shape. Take delivery of as actual with it or not, but to look at the dimensions of Dubai’s majesty, helicopter sightseeing is a pass-to alternative.

Waterfalls, Fjords, And Bears

Nimmo Bay is a miles-flung, high-priced resort in the exquisite go-through Rainforest of British Columbia. Its miles indexed as a country giant Geographic precise inns of the location, because of this that it needs to be notable. Nimmo Bay began out inside the 1980s as one of the first eco-accommodations in the international area, in line with National Geographic. It started as a heli-fishing inn; however, nowadays, they offer a diffusion of information beginning from fly-fishing to kayaking to my degree of barren region journey, picnicking. Site visitors can look at bears, orcas, river salmon, and sea lions inside the midst of granite mountains, pristine waterfalls and rivers, and antique-increased wooded places.

Mountain View Of Pakistan

Aims to consolidate the excitement of going inside the icy environs of the Baltoro Glacier with the joy of flying through the colorful valleys of Skardu, Shigar, and Askole, which provide breathtaking mountain scenery. Helicopter excursions in Pakistan is for those folks who may be short on time and yet need to have a whole life revel in the laugh of this beautiful flight into the coronary heart of Karakoram and want a short excursion inside the mountains with its physical and visible pleasures. Heli excursion in Pakistan is one of the remarkable excursions worldwide, wherein you may experience the region’s excellent mountain climbing and trekking routes, moreover find out the historical Silk Route, Hunza valley.

New Zealand’s Crown Of The Southern (Mountain)

Ever watched The Lord of the jewelry and preferred to look at such beauty in actual existence? You may. However, it’ll require a copter to get there! Minaret Station, New Zealand, is located outdoors in Queensland, on New Zealand’s South Island. As speedy as owned by Queen Victoria and the British Crown, this jewel of a place is ready inside the Southern Alps, and on the shore of Lake Wanaka, steady with the New Zealand Tourism generally, Minaret Station Alpine hotel is a small one-of-a-type hotel that skills cottage with a king-sized bed and a non-public warm temperature tub. Do give it a try! The most mesmerizing and beautiful view it has!

Touch The Highest Air (Mount Everest)

A helicopter excursion itself is charming. However, an excursion to the region’s highest mountain is first-rate. There may be no one who wants to climb this enormous mountain. Taking a helicopter excursion removes tiredness and yet again aches and guarantees you’ve got impressions after engaging in Everest. This majestic mountain is located among Nepal and China and stands a thousand meters high. If you want to live for multiple days amongst this splendor, you may book a room in a perfect Everest view inn. It is the area wherein you could revel in the rarest flora and fauna and stare upon splendid captivating views, so don’t even dare to forget to take your digital camera!


Take A Helicopter Or Jet Ride To See The World’s beauty

If you’re searching for a brilliant and attractive experience, helicopter sightseeing is precisely what you’re looking for. Genuinely pick out the proper excursion spot mentioned above and take a look at the land from a hundred kilometers from the sky. Whether it’s a canyon, a natural park, or a tropical island, taking a helicopter tour is the circulate-to manner to look at some unreachable places on our planet.

5 Reasons Why Helicopter Ride is a Perfect Gift

In this age of instant gratification, picking out a perfect gift for your loved one has become extremely difficult. You always want to give something memorable and sentimental, but it has become quite hard with several Instagram-worthy curated content around on social media. Regular dinners and picnics are not exciting anymore, when it is the only thing you are doing. However, helicopter rides make the best gift. 

Imagine soaring over the skies, experiencing the cloudy sky and full blowing wind in your hair – sounds almost dreamy. This dreamy experience of helicopter rides makes the best gift. Whether you want to impress your parents, kids, or beloved partner, a helicopter ride can never go wrong. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will forever stay memorable to you, your friends, and your family 

Fortunately, a private helicopter ride can be both enjoyable and affordable. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 reasons that make helicopter rides the most perfect gift.

1. Picturesque View

A helicopter ride gives the most picturesque view. If your partner loves taking pictures, they will be excited. This ride will give them several opportunities to take Instagram-worthy shots and reels, and share them with the world. There is no better way to view any landscape at any altitude than a helicopter ride.

If your partner is not an avid social media user, this will equally delight them because of the magical, spectacular views that very few are lucky to experience. Also, pilots are aware of this, and they can make sure that you and the one you are having this experience with do not miss a landmark or a picture-worthy spot.

Some of the perfect moments to snap a photo are:

  • Preflight moment
  • Aerial shot
  • Inside the copter
  • View from the windows
  • Helicopter-in-view aerial shot

2. Adventure-filled Ride

Due to the routine filled with several occasions, gift-giving has become boring. Especially, if it is someone that you buy a gift for every single year. Even if you are buying them the present for the first time, you might want to make it memorable and sentimental. Thus, there is nothing better than an adventurous gift.

If your partner is an adventure-lover and thrillseeker, the feeling of soaring in the air at such heights is enough to break the monotony of their routine. And it is double fun if you and your partner both are daring, bold, and adventure-loving. 

3. A Unique Experience

We all want our loved ones to experience something unique with us, whether it is a material object or any gift that has sentimental value. And while we believe that dining out or having a romantic dinner is a good experience, it is not necessarily unique. However, an aerial ride is an experience that is unique as it is something that you cannot experience every day. 

4. A Great Surprise

A helicopter ride is also a great way to surprise your loved ones. Be it an anniversary or a birthday or it is just you trying to do something meaningful for someone. This idea will break the tradition, and you will be known for thinking out of the box. 

It is also a gift that someone cannot guess easily. And you do not even have to tell anyone before booking the ride. Also, this surprise is bound to make you appear thoughtful. As you have spent time planning a surprise, that will be remembered long after it happens.

5. Brand New Memories

This chopper ride will create new memories for you and your loved ones. It is not an everyday thing. Most people do not award such precious gifts on a regular basis, and this is a great chance to make some new exciting memories. You can recall all those memories after years have passed. This is bound to never get old!

Giving someone a helicopter ride is an occasion that will be remembered long after it happens. Even after years have passed, they will never forget your kindness. Also, it might be on the “bucket list” of someone, and considering to give it as a gift is like a dream come true for most people. 

In conclusion, everything about this perfect gift is thoughtful, and everybody will appreciate it. It not only provides the moment for Instagram-worthy pictures, but it will also create fresh, exciting memories. The only problem you will face is trying to top it next year.

What Happens After A Plane Crash?

Despite the advancement that human beings have made in every field of technology and aviation, disasters are bound to happen. Often these disasters can be predicted; however, some days it is just impossible to fathom what’s about to come. Airplane crashes are one such occurrence. They have been recurrent even in the pandemic where a steep reduction in flights was observed. According to the Guardian there were 40 crashes involving commercial flights in 2020 five of which were extremely fatal causing 299 deaths as compared to the 257 fatalities in 2019 despite the fact that the number of accidents was double i.e. around 86. 

People who are now just a part of these statistics used to spend lives just like us and their loss left a lasting impact on a lot of people. This is why a lot of resources are spent on finding out why a plane crashed and who shall be held liable for it. A proper procedure is in place in order to respond to the affectees and possibly recover costs from insurance companies. This investigation and accountability is what will eventually reduce this number. 

Here’s how a plane crash investigation works! 

1. Immediate aftermath 

The first thing after the crash is the accident site where the local police and paramedics arrive to mitigate the loss. Police make sure that any unauthorized personnel and unnecessary crowds are not gathered at the site and the paramedics get involved in the emergency medical care. Depending on the magnitude of the crash it varies from place to place how many people can be saved and who shall be prioritised in the being provided medical services. The fire fighting squads are also involved in this process, whatever can be saved from the wreckage has to be saved in order to ease the later investigation process. 

2. Evidence Gathering 

The second step in the investigation process is reassembling the wreckage at a near-by site and cordoning off the accident area. The site where the wreckage is re-assembled is usually a nearby open area or a military base. Here multiple investigative teams and national and international investigative agencies start off with an initial examination of the airplane and focus on retrieving the black box and other important equipment which will reveal the important details about what happened right before the accident happened. 

3. Interviews 

While investigations are being conducted on the materials gathered from the plane interviews of the survivors, passengers and the flight crew both are conducted and any witnesses who saw the accident happen are also interviewed at this stage. The plan is to take these interviews as soon as possible because there is a chance that memories may fade and due to the trauma people may not be able to remember the events of the crash appropriately. These interviews are recorded to keep them in record and make use of them at different stages of the investigation. 

4. Flight Simulators 

Flight simulators are one of the most important parts in ascertaining what happened during the accident; however, there are certain limitations on the use of simulators and how they can be used to find out what happened. The investigators are aware mostly of what the limitations of these simulators are in each circumstance. It will help recreate the aircraft behaviour, certain equipment malfunctions and even runway incursions. A simulation of these things will be a crucial part of understanding what went down right before the crash. 

5. Conclusions and Recommendations

Once the teams have conducted their investigations and preliminary reports are prepared it is now time to draw up the possible conclusions and provide a recommendation report to the airline and the national aviation department and other related agencies. The conclusions usually indicate the factors which contributed to the crash, preventative measures that can be taken to prevent future accidentes, long term and short term solutions. This will help the airline give the answers needed to the family members of the deceased. 

The key to this investigation is not to panic and make sure that premature and unprocessed information does not get out in the public. 

5 Adventurous Activities You can Do While Vacationing With Friends

Is it finally time to go on that long-due vacation with your friends after battling an exhausting work routine? We have you covered for all your adventure needs! If your vacation isn’t complete without fun and risky adventures, you’ve come to the right place. From frozen terrains of Alaska to the tropical views of Hawaii, Here you’ll find a list of activities you can do with your friends and make your vacation memorable and extra fun:

1. Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting beats traditional rafting because white water is faster, rocky, and has shallow stretches that are risky to traverse. These are known as “rapids” and come in different levels of difficulty in the passage.  It is done with 8-12 people and has a total of 6 grades of difficulty. If you’re inexperienced you can stick to level 1, but if you and your friends have some experience, you can have a level 2-3 rafting experience and spend a fun day with your friends. 

2. Helicopter Skydiving

Love skydiving but want to try something different? Helicopter skiving just might be the right trend for you. Helicopter skydiving has gained popularity over traditional airplane skydiving because helicopters can reach remote areas that are typically inaccessible by airplanes. Moreover, they provide maximum visibility and give a beautiful scenic view! You can stand on the ski outside of the helicopter before you jump and experience a unique and mesmerizing moment with nature. A perfect vacation getaway for you and your friends!

3. Ziplining 

Want to know what it feels like to glide across trees like Tarzan? Ziplining is one of a kind experience especially if done in places with a beautiful scenic view or aerial adventure parks. Ziplining is often combined with hiking, mountain climbing, or rock climbing for one of a kind experience and getting the thrill of flying through nature. Places like Hawaii are one of the most popular spots for ziplining and can create a unique experience for you and your friends that you will never forget!

4. Swimming with Sharks

If you’ve always wanted to go on an extreme adventure, get a dip in the ocean and experience swimming with dangerous fish to recreate your own safety-assured version of Jaws! There are tourism agencies that offer sea diving adventures like this. You’ll be placed in a safe cage and lower down into the water. You can come back anytime you start to panic, safe and sound! You can enjoy shark diving with white sharks or Mexican whale sharks in ocean parks and get the adventure of a lifetime! 

5. Dog Sledding

If you’re looking for a kind of adventure to get your blood pumping, take a shot at dog sledding where you’ll be sledding behind a team of huskies going at peak speed on a snow-covered terrain. This is a great way of getting your adrenaline going and getting the winter feel up close. Alaska is the most popular place for dog sledding and exploring freezing terrain. The best part of this experience is you get to pet the dogs afterward! 

You can also do some traditional deep water fishing, skiing, and snowboarding activities with your friends and get away from the stressors of life for a while. Out of all the activities, our personal favorite has to be dog sledding (for the dogs of course!) and all of these adventures are sure to get your blood pumping and bring out that adrenaline rush! So pack your bags and plan an adventure-filled vacation with your friends ASAP!

Five Things To Know Before Buying A Private Jet

Every kid or better yet teenager has dreamt of the day they will own a car. They will be able to drive at a moment’s notice to anywhere without any restrictions. Private Jets are the same but for adults. One of the most attractive parts for grown ups is the 100% tax write off if you own one. 

With that being said, while buying a private jet you can let emotions creep in or you will have problems. Especially when you are buying from a second hand market. This could mean pricey upgrades and shady usage records. There is a world’s first corporate showroom in Mayfair London but you don’t need to fly to London to figure out what you want. To help you steer clear of those emotions and make the best purchase, below are somethings you should be careful about:

1. Dont Just Buy It

Whether you buy a used car or a new one you always always consider two things, your needs and your travel habits. Same goes for private jets, you need to realistically measure if you need one and how often you travel. One of the first questions after these considerations would be “ What’s your budget? “. People often reply with i don’t have a budget, i am just looking for a plane but you should always have a budget and everyone does. This should factor in the fuel and maintenance costs as well. Take out your pen, paper and open up your travel spreadsheet to help you make the decision of whether you need one and whether you can afford to buy one. For your biyearly London travels and moving from chicago to new york twice a week, you don’t need to buy a jet.

2. Keep Emotions In Check

Kevin O Leary, president and founder of jet advisors, tells the story of people often showing up to buy a jet and asking about their competitors’ jets and on top of that wanting to buy a bigger one. It might sound like highschool advice of don’t take social pressure but it happens more often than you would think to adults too. Don’t let emotions creep into decision making, especially not one that is as expensive as this one. While buying a plane, keep in mind your needs and your budget and do not, we repeat do not exceed them because your friend has a bigger one. Going over budget could topple over the business you are trying to do this for.

3.Costs Of Upgrades

Considering the corporate cabin makeovers to getting an avionics system, the list of upgrades a jet can get is as long as a corporate tax return. However, as you are sifting through the buyers market, really consider the need and price of these modifications. Most of these are just show and bling which won’t be used by you even on a single flight. E.g a seller might tell you that this feature saves pilot time but you have to be mindful of exactly how much time for the extra million or hundred thousand dollars. Five minutes? Probably not worthed. However, the more legroom and seats in the cabin are not only worthed for you but also have great resale value.

4. Foreign Travels

Most US buyers are looking for aircrafts that are already registered in the US but the Trump administration tax reforms have restricted the supply of private jets, sky rocketing the demands. People are looking to buy jets from outside the US now which just need a transaction but still we would recommend making sure the transaction is according to the US government requirements. This will help you re-register in the US very easily. Simply put sellers dont have any obligation for registration or anything once they make the deal, its on the buyer to make sure he is US government compliant.

5. Take An Eagle View

If you plan on keeping the jet for a while make sure you have it all planned out, from buying to selling. You need to anticipate changes that might affect your needs and the needs for a bigger or smaller aircraft. E.g will your children be traveling with you? What about when they move for college ? Do you really need an entertainment system, don’t you already have fast WIFI? Etc. A clear understanding of how long and how often you will use the aircraft will save you alot of money and trouble in the future. Make sure to have an exit resale strategy in place to, should your needs change. 

Lastly, we would recommend finding the right people to help you buy the plane. If you are making a multi million dollar purchase, remember to hire a competent person to save you the hassle of going through the taxes and the registration etc. This will not only save you time but make your rides more enjoyable. Happy jetting!!

How To Make Your First Helicopter Ride Memorable

Imagine yourself hundreds of meters above the ground, hovering in a helicopter, overlooking the serene natural beauty and the skyscrapers under your feet. The idea is equally exciting and overwhelming. No matter how many times you have traveled from an airplane, the thrill of a helicopter ride is one of its own. Hovering under the sky in the middle of nowhere is a matchless experience that only a helicopter ride can move over. We are glad if you share our excitement but if your emotions and anxiety of the unknown have swept over you,  work through this to have one of the most memorable experiences of your life. 

1. Trust The Process

Your pilot is a trained professional having hundreds of hours of experience flying on the same air route with the same machine in the best and the worst weather conditions. He will introduce himself with a safety briefing about the seating arrangement, life jackets, first aid box, and every question you have under the sun. The safety briefings give you the chance to address any of the concerns that you may have before the flight. Talking about the machine, there is a list of protocols the maintenance engineers have to follow every time before a machine is scheduled to fly up in the air so there is no reason to fret about the ride. Focus on what you are about to see, the unveiled nature, the top of the mountains, the skyscrapers, the green valleys all in these few minutes. 

2. Always Listen To Your Pilot 

There are some preferred, acceptable, and prohibited safety zones to reach and leave the helicopter. Always wait for a visual signal from the pilot to enter the helicopter. It’s better to approach the helicopter from the front side windows or the middle sector of the machine. The rear area is highly prohibited. In case of dust or grit,  or for extra rotor clearance or when the rotors are just about to turn off or startup,  wait for the pilot to approve your movement in or out of the helicopter. Keep in mind that small air turbulence is normal while taking off or landing. There is no need to create panic at the moment. You will surely have a smooth ride once your helicopter takes altitude. 

3. Follow The Safety Precautions

Every helicopter has a built-up safety mechanism to keep its passengers safe and sound during the flight. It is crucial to wear a seatbelt throughout the flight to avoid getting tossed down when the machine sweeps and serves in the middle of the air, these sudden movements can also cause motion sickness, so better keep medicine with you in case of any inconvenience. Also if you are prone to feeling nauseous at heights, better manage yourself in the middle seat to keep the turbulence less as possible. 

4. What To Wear & What To Carry Along 

Wear comfortable pieces of clothing for your helicopter ride, a pair of jeans, and your favorite T-shirt would do the job along with a closed rubber sole pair of shoes. Avoid puffy clothing, skirts, and open sandals. Avoid taking your handbags, wallet, jewelry pieces, or any extra items that you don’t want to fly away in the air. Carry a pair of sunglasses to keep the glaring sun and a camera to capture the amazing moments. Your seating will be determined on the basis of your height and weight, so do not argue about the window seat. Or if you want the front seat, get it reserved already or pay extra to get a hold of it. Although the seating is solely managed to keep the machine balanced. 

Flying in the air is an experience like nothing else. Take safety precautions, follow your pilot instructions and open your arms to a matchless and seamless experience. We hope that these tips will help you make your first helicopter ride memorable for life. 

5 Amazing Facts About Helicopters

Airplanes have often been loved by us since childhood while helicopters are the ignored middle child of the aviation industry. Helicopters are often neglected because people don’t really know much about them. They are one of the most fascinating and interesting forms of transportation that would either freak you out or leave you smiling ear to ear. Founder of Blade, Rob Wiesenthal, believes that helicopter transportation, specifically urban air mobility is the wave of the future.

For example, they have the ability to fly forward, backward and laterally as well which airplanes are unable to do. They are quite handy in military,emergency and tourist situations. Let’s dive in to the article below to find out more:

1. Reach top of Mount Everest

One of the most googled questions about helicopters is whether or not you could take one to mount everest. Short answer is yes but it comes with its own limitations and exceptions. Reaching bigger heights is one of the inherent limitations of these little planes. The average helicopter is designed to reach 10,000 feet but can go further with special design. Mount Everest is about 29,029 feet. For a helicopter to reach that height through the thinning air pressure, it takes larger rotors and much bigger engines than the regular ones. 

2. Attacked by birds

One of the air foes of helicopters include eagles. By nature eagles are extremely territorial birds. Rather than perceiving eagles as a machine, they think of them as fellow predators. Eagles have attacked helicopters, small choppers and even drones over the years. The real fear is the eagles feel they are being attacked or their babies abducted. One particular eagle, the australian wedge tail has been caught on tape, attacking or attempting to scare off helicopters. Surprisingly, the bird can fly up to 6000 feet and is in no way scared of it. 

3. Better in emergencies

The versatility of mobility that a helicopter carries makes it better than aeroplanes in emergency situations. It can literally move in all directions while being fixed wing. Moving through and reaching tricky positions is easier with helicopters. One of the features that increases the efficiency of helicopters in emergency situations is their ability to hover in one place without much trouble. Emergency helicopters often have medical kits, rafts, and latest technology to help fish people out whatever the situation may be.  

4. Faster & Travel further than most people think 

Helicopters are thought to go very slow but they can be surprisingly fast from 160 mph to 250mph per hour. However just like other aircrafts, it completely depends on the air pressure, size and passenger capacity. The army helicopters are ofcourse much faster than the local public ones. One other misconception is about the amount of time helicopters can fly. Most of them can fly up to 2.5 to 3 hours without break, which is equal to taking a short flight. A standard helicopter can get you from London to Paris in 90 minutes. The bigger speed beasts are designed to cover up to 600 miles at a time. 

5. Safer than planes

One myth about helicopters is that they are safer than planes. Reports show that smaller aircrafts, private jets, air taxis and choppers are more prone to accidents than aeroplanes. Factors such as weather conditions and inexperienced pilots have caused around 415 fatalities in 2019 as opposed to commercial airlines with near to zero accidents. 

In conclusion, we recommend you take one at least in a lifetime. Of course with an experienced pilot. Helicopters rides are fun, exciting and can accommodate up to 4 people. Let us know of your experiences with helicopter rides & any interesting facts/stories you might know. 

The Most Expensive Jets And Their Owners

Latest studies and researches are showing that the elite of the world are spending approximately more than $40 Million each year to buy top of the line and exquisite private jets and spending even more on flying and maintaining them. Just like any other thing in a materialistic world these private jets are also now a sign of your wealth and not just a means of transportation for the head of the state who needed that extra security. Apart from the security that people seek in private jets, what really makes them popular among the riches club is their comfort. The luxurious and comfortable journey that these charter jets offer is probably their biggest selling point. 

Let’s find out who owns some of the most expensive, advanced and luxurious private jets around the world!

1. John Travolta 

If there’s one person that was going to be on the top of this list it was going to be him! The famed artist of “Grease” and “Saturday Night Fever” rose to the greatest heights of his career with these movies in the 70’s. One more thing he has always been known for is his love for flying. If there was one way to show your love for planes it would be to have a parking lot in your freaking law, which he literally does! Owning a total of 5 jets which include 3 Gulfstream Jets, 1 Boeing 707-138 and 1 Lear jet. 

His crown jewel, Boeing is his most expensive plane which he acquired in 1998 priced at an astounding $77-57 Million which is just the base price of this aircraft. An additional $20 Million must be added for the outstanding interior design and installation costs! The plane that could originally house a total of 150 people only caters to a total of 15 people now because two custom built bedrooms have been made for John for the time he takes a vacation with his family.  

2. Joseph Lau

A convicted felon and fugitive in Macau owns one of the most expensive private jets all around the world! Boeing 747-8 VIP which is $367 Million is owned by this real estate king from hong kong. This jet is literally one of my dreams, with a spiral case staircase inside and two levels, I mean who wouldn’t want it! A gym and a huge private office to hold large meetings is the best feature of this plane along with its flight range of 17,020 kilometers allowing Joseph to cruise around without landing for a refuel frequently. Two separate lounges and a stateroom which many hotels can’t seem to beat just goes on to show the money that has been spent on the customization of this private jet. 

While Joseph Law prefers to live a very incognito life there are a lot of details about one of the most expensive planes in the world owned by him. The plane boasts an amazing speed of 1195 km/hr which a lot of other expensive planes can’t beat. Well one thing is for sure we know why he’s a fugitive after all.

3. Donald Trump 

Trump’s Boeing 757 would have made it to the top of the list but my feelings came in the middle and I had to put him down (no offence intended). Anyway the reason I think Trump would have made it to the top of the list is one of the most unnecessary upgrades on the outside and the inside of his plane with gold bathroom fixtures and his name gold plated in 23 carat gold engraved outside of the plane. Although he brought this plane from Paul Allen he has made enough customizations to not only make it one of the most expensive planes but luxurious and comfortable too! A master bedroom with a work desk for the former president and business tycoon coupled with a home theatre system and a 52 inches flat screen for Trump to watch all his favorite movies. 

As if the gold fittings in the bathroom weren’t enough that he has gold plated seat belt buckles and multiple other gold fittings all around the plane. The Boeing 757 has two Rolls Royce Engines which can travel upto 7222 km without needing a refuel. 

4. Sultan Of Brunei 

It was clear that this man was going to make it to this lost as he’s known to be one of the richest people in the world. His custom Boeing 747-300 cost 323 million USD and to top it all off he has reportedly spent around 100 Million USD on the luxurious interior of the plane. The wash basin has literally been made out of solid gold and i just have one question, does the hand washing have any difference in this gold washbasin?! If we keep going on and on about the unnecessary things in this plane there’s a lot we might keep questioning. So let’s just get into the specifications of the plane. A cruising speed of 1000 km/h and a flight range of 14,000 kilometers the plane is ideal for long trips to Europe and America for the Sultan. A long yet comfortable journey amidst gold and silver fittings is waiting for him. 

While many of us only dream to live a life of this comfort and stature these people are living the best life in their top of the line private jets which they have converted into a literal home in the sky. Interestingly enough some of them have their planes available for chartering you can do that if you really want to live a luxurious experience.

With New Lithium – Sulphur Batteries, Electric Airplanes Could Finally Take Off

Electric airplanes are extremely popular, with models being developed in each size from conveyance robots to traveler airplanes. However, the innovation presently can’t seem to take off, and for one explanation: absence of an appropriate battery.

Less Battery Weight

For an enormous traveler airplane to take off, voyage, and land many kilometres away would take batteries that gauge a huge number of kilograms—unreasonably substantial for the plane to have the option to get into the air in any case. In any event, for generally little airplanes, for example, two-seat coaches, the sheer weight of batteries restricts the plane’s payload, abridges its reach, and accordingly obliges where the airplane can fly. Lessening battery weight would be a bit of leeway for flight, yet for other electric vehicles, for example, vehicles, trucks, transports, and boats, the entirety of whose presentation is additionally straightforwardly attached to the energy-to-weight proportion of their batteries.

For such applications, the present battery of decision is lithium particles. It arrived at development years prior, with each new gradual improvement more modest than the last. We need another science.

Advantages Of Using Light Weight Battery

Since 2004 an organisation, Oxis Energy, in Oxfordshire, England, has been chipping away at one of the main competitors—lithium sulphur. Their battery innovation is incredibly lightweight: Our latest models are accomplishing more than twice the energy thickness run of the mill of lithium-particle batteries. Lithium sulphur is likewise fit for giving the necessary degrees of force and strength required for aeronautics, and, generally significant, it is sufficiently protected. All things considered, a plane can’t deal with an unexpected fire or some other disaster by just pulling to the roadside.

The new innovation has been bound to happen, however the stand by is presently finished. The previously set of flight preliminaries have just been finished.

Lithium Sulphur Batteries 

Lithium-sulphur batteries are strange in light of the fact that they experience various stages as they release, each time shaping an alternate, particular sub-atomic type of lithium and sulphur. At the point when a cell releases, lithium particles in the electrolyte relocate to the cathode, where they consolidate with sulphur and electrons to frame a polysulphide, Li2S8. At the anode, then, lithium particles surrender electrons to shape decidedly charged lithium particles; these liberated electrons at that point travel through the outer circuit—the heap—which returns them to the cathode. In the electrolyte, the recently created Li2S 8 immediately responds with more lithium particles and more electrons to shape another polysulphide, Li2S6. The cycle keeps, venturing through further poly sulphides, Li2S4and Li2S2, to at last become Li2S. At each progression more energy is surrendered and passed to the heap until finally the cell is drained of energy.

Energising turns around the arrangement: An applied current powers electrons to stream the other way, causing the sulphur anode, or cathode, to surrender electrons, changing Li2S over to Li2S2. The polysulphide keeps on adding sulphur molecules bit by bit until Li2S8 is made in the cathode. Furthermore, each time electrons are surrendered, lithium particles are created that at that point diffuse through the electrolyte, joining with electrons at the lithium anode to frame lithium metal. At the point when all the Li2S has been changed over to Li2S8, the cell is completely energised.

Key To Create An  Effective Cell

This portrayal is improved. In actuality, the responses are more intricate and various, occurring additionally in the electrolyte and at the anode. Truth be told, over many charge and release cycles, it is these side responses that cause debasement in a lithium-sulphur cell. Limiting these, through the determination of the proper materials and cell design, is the key, fundamental test that should be met to create an effective cell with a long lifetime.

5 Things You Need To Know Before Your First Helicopter Ride

Flying in the air, a thousand feet above the ground is an exciting and thrilling experience. You get to see the world like never before, your city, its monuments, elevated picnic spots, local scenic attractions, all this is likely with the heli-tour, that gives you a birds-eye view of the stunning ground. As adventurous as it sounds, being a first-time rider, there could be some nervous jitters as well. so, we are here to prepare you for your first ride, from the seating arrangement to what to wear, timely appearance and bringing a camera, and most importantly, living in the moment. With all this, there are some safety precautions that need to have adhered to for an amazing and lifelong experience. Let’s have a look at some tips that you need to know before your first heli-ride. 

How To Approach The Helicopter

Always wait for the visual signal of the pilot for approaching or leaving the helicopter. On sloppy grounds, use the downslope side for maximum rotor clearance. Avoid any movement when the engines or rotors are getting started or running down. Prefer crouching while walking for extra rotor clearance. 

What To Bring 

The noise-canceling headphones will be provided by the pilot that would allow you to communicate with the fellow passengers. To capture the moment, don’t forget your camera. Sunglasses and sunscreen are a must. Avoid high heels, hanging jewelry, loose clothing, flip flops, hats, and scarves, as helicopter rotors create downwash and you may lose your stuff because of it. Wear comfortable clothes. Full-length pants and jackets would be convenient to cope with the changing altitude. 

Where To Sit 

The helicopter has a capacity of 7-9 people in it. It is essential that you sit in the front for the amazing views. Although general helicopters have large windowpanes and visibility is great from any angle, the best is the one which has its seats facing forward so you can enjoy the sights. In the seating arrangement, weight matters for keeping the balance of the machine. Although heli-rides are fairly smooth, if you feel motion-sickness, it’s better to sit by the window or take Dramamine before the flight. 

Trust The Professionals

Flying is the safest form of travel, much safer than road travel. All you have to do is to trust the pilot as they have the experience of numerous hours of flying and in every weather condition. Also, the machines undergo several tests before the actual flight. The maintenance engineers inspect the helicopters before every flight and they are worth trusting. 

Don’t Panic 

During the take-off and landing, it is common to feel some turbulence. Do not panic. It is normal. It happens with the sudden change of airflow or by hot rising air or by air traffic. The ride will be smooth once the helicopter gains altitude. Just sit tight and let the pilot do his work. 

Follow The Instructions

Always listen to your pilot. Never untie the belt during the session. The helicopters swoop and serve during the flight. Wearing the seat belt would keep you from tossing away. Follow the instructions of the maintenance staff. Keep a first aid kit in your approach in case of emergency. Keep check of the flotation devices, life jackets before the flight takes off. In case of any query, consult the pilot without any hesitation. You may also watch safety videos on Youtube for a better understanding of safety measures during the flight. Although the helicopter flight is extremely safe, it is essential to commit to the safety standards and follow instructions. 

For a seamless experience, schedule the heli-tour in the morning or early noon hours. This will allow you to have a perfect shot as this time of the day comes with clear visibility. Relax, take deep breaths, and live the moment.

7 Things You Need to Know Before Chartering A Private Jet

Traveling through a private jet is becoming a standard as it offers a luxurious experience and   convenience. People who are done with the unpredictable and restrictive schedules of commercial airlines are more prone to travel by private jet to avoid helter-skelter and restricted travel. Travelling through a private jet is extravagant in every sense of the word. Be it the comfort, the exquisite meals or the panache. If this would be your first flight on a chartered private jet, this article is for you. We are here with some useful information which you must know before chartering a private jet. Have a look. 

Book In Advance

Traveling through a private jet is becoming a norm and it is wise to book in advance especially in the holiday seasons and during festivals to avoid any inconvenience in the last moment. Booking early has many advantages as you may have the liberty to choose the best among the aircrafts, based on size, comfort and convenience for your family, friends or business gatherings. 

Bring Your Documents

The private aircraft travelers know that they don’t have to wait in long security lines or to follow strict luggage limitations or comply with the beverage rules. But they still need proper identification documents to get on board. For international trips, passports are a must, for domestic ones, a driving licence would work. Traveling through private jets has its privileges, but identification documents are a must.

Choose Your Type Of Plane 

Depending who you are flying with, the number of people, luggage volume, budget and the route, choose yourself the best in the market. For long haul flights, Global Express, Gulfstream G650 or Boeing Business are the best options in ultra long range jets. They come with multi zone cabins, flat beds and larger bathrooms and give VIP protocol in the middle of the sky. 

Don’t Go Beyond The Deal

Make sure you stay put with the deal you bought at the time of booking. If you require anything beyond the package, such as coffee, snacks, water, soda or Wi-Fi, inform them beforehand. While on flight these extras can add much to your post flight charges. Also inform them of ground transportation if you require any don’t think that it will be readily available for you on the spot.

Take Along Your Pets

Based on the model and the make, a private light jet can travel from 600 to 2000 miles. While booking, clearly inform them the number of people and the luggage you will be carrying so that you can get the aircraft that fit your needs. And yes, you can carry your pet with you on a private jet with a valid pet passport. A special approved kennel is placed to entertain your pet during the flight. So don’t forget to mention them while booking a jet. 

How Billing Works?

In renting and leasing a private jet, the charges include fuel, handling fees and crew. The overnight hangarage, de-icing,  and other technical considerations, along with entertainment and specific food requests cost additional charges. 

Rescheduling, Extending or Changing Destination

This all can be done but will be more effective if given prior notice of at least 24 hours. In urgent cases, permission needs to be granted and revised flight plans need to be shared. The landing fees may vary and additional flight times adds more charges in the billing. Changes are flexible but could be heavy on your pocket. 

With this information in hand, we wish you to enjoy your first private jet flight to the fullest.

Thoughts we all have during Airplane rides

The sleek Boeing dreamliner is nothing short of a technology miracle looking back at the time of Wright brothers or more accurately Brazilion inventor Alberto Santos. Since then planes have changed a lot, those first wood and cloth planes are an entirely different species. With the continual advancements in aerospace our lives have become easier by the minute but we have all had those questions about the food and the safest seat etc when it comes to airplanes that never quite got the answer we were looking for. Let’s explore those questions and get some information to flaunt at a party or get together:

  1. There is no safest seat on the flight

According to the Federal aviation administration(FAA) there is no safest seat in a plane when it comes to plane crashes although a study in TIME shows that the middle seats at the back of the plane had the lowest fatality rate. The seats in the back third of the 32% fatality rate compares to the 39% in the middle third and 38% in the front third. Due to the many variables at play it’s impossible to know where to sit and survive a crash and to surprise you plane crashes are very extremely rare.

  1. Why does the airplane food taste so bad

Airplane food has earned itself a bad reputation over the years but it’s not entirely the food to blame here. According to a study by Cornell University in 2015, the environment of an aeroplane actually alters the sweets and the salts inside your food. The dry recycled air and the low humidity makes its 30% more difficult to detect sweet and salty tastes. So it’s not the food, it’s the plane.

  1. Cabin crew Dimming lights when landing

During night time when the plane is landing the cabin crew dims the lights , why ? In the unfortunate event if the plane landing doesn’t go as planned, the passenger would have adjusted to the darkness outside and incase of emergency evacuation they can make better decisions quickly rather than wasting time on adjusting to the darkness outside.

  1. Only one engine is needed to fly

The thought of an engine blowing up mid air is frightening but every commercial aeroplane can fly easily with just one engine. Operating on just one engine will reduce the range and the fuel consumption would be less efficient but you will reach your destination. Planes that need to fly over oceans or uninhabited areas like the Arctic need to get an approval from the FAA for Extended- range twin operations (ETOPS) basically meaning how long can it fly.

  1. What are the tiny holes in our windows

Most plane windows are made up of 3 panels of acrylic panes. The first pane is usually to maintain the cabin pressure and keep elements out. In the unlikely event of the exterior panes breaking, the second one acts as a fail safe option. The tiny hole is to regulate the air pressure in the cabin and to keep the middle pane uncompromised till the call of duty.

  1. Airplanes are designed to take lighting strikes

As a child and even as an adult we all had this question about what if there is lighting. To our surprise planes are designed to withstand lighting strikes and are hit quite often. Approximately once per 1000 hours of flight, fortunately the careful engineering helps the lighting pass right through the plane without causing any damage and there have been no lightning crashes since 1963.

We hope some of your burning childhood questions have been answered today and you will feel a lot relaxed on your next flight. 

Everything You Need To Know About Helicopters & Its Flight

Getting a helicopter today is easier than ever before. The quieter and high-tech engines, the advanced cockpits, and the efficient designs have made it easy to fly thousands of miles without any distractions and hassle. Let’s have a look at some valuable tips before chartering a chopper.

To Fly or Be flown: Understand the Rules 

Make sure you have sufficient knowledge about the aviation rules of the State and have a Private Pilot license if you want to fly yourself.  If you want to be flown your pilot-in-command is a trustworthy and reliable person as he is the decision-maker throughout the flight. He must determine the weather conditions and flight conditions before boarding. A small but sufficient pre-flight is necessary in this case. Secondly, the tendency of a helicopter can be evaluated by the number of flights it has taken. An older chopper would need extra service and maintenance and would require additional power to fly at high altitudes and in warm conditions. An all aware pilot must understand the copter so he can make sound decisions in the air.

Choose the best

Every chopper has a different design, model, and features. Some have a cabin separated to the seating area which is a better choice if you are being flown by a professional pilot, the other is Airbus, in which everyone sits together and it’s a preferable choice when you or someone in the friends or family are flying the chopper. Talking about the interior, the beige, cream, and black leather seats are most in-demand and are long-lasting. The flooring is of metal but can be carpeted if desired. 

Pay Heed to the Engine

With every new day, there are lighter, more efficient, innovative, and more sleek designs coming in the market. But it’s the engine performance that matters the most. Earlier the gasoline engines were preferred but with time, the helicopters are using the high-tech gas turbine engines that are used in gigantic commercial flights. 

Understand the Jargon 

If you are piloting, make sure you understand the jargon to comprehend the helicopter settings and to make the communication easy in case of any emergency. 

Avoid Silly Mistakes

The foremost reason that leads to aviation accidents is flying close to the ground. Strictly follow the altitude rules during the flight, scud running, and buzzing. Secondly, keep the landing lights on to avoid any bird strikes and a mid-air collision with other flying machinery. The right following of traffic patterns when it comes to altitude, approaches, autorotations, landings, and emergency procedures to enjoy a smooth ride.

Understanding the weather 

This is the one thing that causes more than 50% of aviation accidents. An adept pilot would keenly observe the weather and wind conditions for a favorable experience. He will keep in contact with the meteorology course and broadcasts to detect the weather. While landing, he will pay heed to the windsock to evaluate the runway condition and his landing zone. At the off-airport landing, he will take nature’s cues to understand the wind direction. 

Practice, Practice & Practice 

Practice will make you perfect in all your actions. It will bring smoothness in your flight which is the key to safe and well-disposed flight. Never panic as it will make the situation worse. Practice will allow you to make small corrections and avoid silly mistakes. Plus rough experiences will help you be more decisive and skillful in your work. A minor scrap or a rough landing must not hinder your performance rather improve your skills. So never give up and seek remedial training for better performance.

Fly Freely 

Wherever there is a helipad and you have the permission to land, take your executive and luxury mode of transport and fly freely in the air. Make sure you carry the landing guide with you. All you have to do is to call them up and ask for permission. Some would allow you to land, some would charge a meager fee. 

Things You Should Know About Aviation Mechanics

At the point when many people think about a career in the aeronautics field, they probably consider pilot occupations. These, all things considered, are the charm occupations. Turning into a pilot, however, isn’t really feasible for everybody. There are a few different courses into carrier occupations in the event that you confirm that turning into a pilot won’t work for you: in-flight participation, support engineer, upkeep team part and airplane repairman, to give some examples. We should investigate how to turn into an airplane upkeep expert (otherwise called an airplane repairman) and what kinds of airplane technician licenses are the most popular.


An Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT) is somebody who has earned a capability to do airplane maintenance. They review and perform support on airplane and airplane frameworks, including preventive maintenance. This capability gives you the information and aptitudes to fill in as an airplane repairman.

Notwithstanding support, an airplane specialist’s responsibility is to fix the mechanical and aeronautical hardware of planes and helicopters. This incorporates review and fix of the electronic, basic and mechanical components of a plane. Mechanics survey how destroyed parts are and decide if those parts need fix or substitution. Mechanics utilize a few symptomatic, manual and mechanical devices and PCs in their exchange.

Basic Requirements

To turn into an airplane repairman, you should be at any rate 18 years of age, ready to peruse, compose, talk, and know how to speak English and you should have year and a half of genuine encounter chipping away at either plane force plants (motors) or air frames, or 30 months of dealing with both simultaneously.

Required Skills

To have the option to carry out their responsibility well, airplane mechanics ought to have the accompanying aptitudes:

• Detail-situated – Mechanics must work to high and exact guidelines, focusing on even the littlest subtleties and parts. Ensuring these parts are in the perfect spot and condition is significant.

• Manual abilities – As a very energetic activity, this field expects mechanics to be capable at utilizing their hands to work rapidly and precisely with different parts. This incorporates the capacity to dismantle things and set up them back.

• Technical aptitudes – Another aspect of the activity will expect you to understand instruments and measures, so the capacity to see how instruments and diagnostics devices work is significant.

• Troubleshooting – Many occasions when a technician is brought in, this is on the grounds that something isn’t working effectively. In the event that you need an aircraft to work as a repairman, you ought to have the option to burrow down to the main driver of an issue and make sense of the most ideal approach to fix.

Aircraft Mechanic Career Paths and License Types

General mechanics have effectively finished the essential airplane mechanics course and earned a testament. They deal with a wide range of sorts of airplanes, similar to planes, cylinder driven planes and helicopters.

Particular mechanics have proceeded to gain higher capabilities focused on explicit territories of the plane, for example, the motor, the water powered framework or the electrical framework on a specific airplane.

Since planes are mind boggling machines that must have solid parts and administration to securely convey travelers, mechanics must perform booked support, total fixes and make reviews before a plane is fit to fly. They should do these tasks as per the itemized guidelines set somewhere around the FAA that determine upkeep plans, for example.

Most mechanics who take a shot at non-military airplane have either or both of the FAA’s Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) endorsements (portrayed underneath). Mechanics who have these endorsements are legitimately ready to perform take a shot at most pieces of the airplane, aside from flight instruments and significant propeller work.


Some of their job duties include:

• Diagnosing electrical or mechanical issues

• Repairing brakes, electrical frameworks, wings, and other plane parts

• Replacing imperfect parts with hand instruments or force apparatuses

• Examining trade airplane parts for issues or imperfections

• Reading upkeep manuals to decide fix strategies

• Testing airplane leaves behind measures and other analytic instruments

• Inspecting completed work to ensure it fulfills execution guidelines

• Keeping records of all upkeep and fix work

Extra duties include:

• Testing electronic instruments with circuit analyzers, oscilloscopes, and voltmeters

• Interpreting flight test information to make sense of breakdowns and execution issues

• Assembling parts, for example, electrical controls and introducing programming

• Installing instrument boards with hand apparatuses, power devices and binding irons

How to Become a Pilot for a Private or Commercial Airline

I know from experience It often happens to me that I resorted to at least two torches: one in my hand and another in the front pocket of the plane. Additionally, you may want to consider a head-mounted flashlight, which allows you to be hands-free while aiming the light at whatever you are looking at.

And you probably want a white light and a red light, or a flashlight that does both. The white light is bright enough to see during preflighting and the red light is weak enough to maintain night vision during the flight.

Let your eyes adapt
According to the flight manual of the FAA plane, it takes five to ten minutes for the rods of your eyes to adjust to the darkness. Once they do, your eyes are 100 times more sensitive to light than during daylight. And after 30 minutes, when your eyes adapt almost completely to the darkness, they are about 100,000 more sensitive to light than before. As you fly at night, keep in mind that looking directly at something, like another plane, can actually make the object disappear from your field of vision (it is one of the common night illusions). Look to the side instead.

Check the weather
It is quite easy to see bad weather during the day. At night, however, clouds, rains and thunderstorms are more difficult to see visually. Before you take off, you will want to be a little more careful about checking the weather, including current METARs, TAFs and area forecasts. A flight services specialist can be helpful in this regard, even for local flights.

Pay particular attention to the temperature / dew point diffusion. Night is a common time when fog is formed and can quickly form.

Extra fuel holder
It is not always necessary or even possible to bring extra fuel, but consider it when possible. And you might be grateful that you did this when you realize that the FBO has closed for the night and there is no fuel available for self-service.

Make sure the aircraft lights work
During the preliminary check, pay particular attention to the navigation lights (position lights) and to the landing lights and taxis. But also pay attention to the interior lights of planes, such as panel lights, which can be extremely scarce in some older aircraft. And if you’re a diurnal flyer most of the time, you should familiarize yourself with the positions of the knobs and levers, the on / off positions of the important switches and the dome lights, if any.

And it would not be bad to review the airport lighting systems. What color did taxiing lights return? How much runway did you leave when the runway lights turn yellow and then red?

Make sure you are up to date
FAA regulations state that at least three take-offs and landings must be completed up to a maximum night (one hour after sunset until one hour before sunrise) in the last 90 days to carry passengers. It is easy to violate this.

Pilot planning tips for night flights

The night can be a fantastic time to fly. Usually the air is stationary and the airspace is silent. And most would agree that the sight of the stars against the dark sky is a sight not to be missed. But night flying has its challenges, and while there is nothing inherently dangerous about flying at night, a night flight can quickly become dangerous if you are not properly prepared.

Preliminary planning – and I’m not just referring to the preflight itself – is so important to fly and night flight is no different.

Here are some preliminary planning tips, according to Rob Wiesenthal the CEO of Blade Aviation, to avoid surprising you on your next night’s flight.


Rob Wiesenthal posing in front of Blade logo Rob Wiesenthal reading the menu

Give yourself extra time
During the day, many of us get used to jumping on the plane only after checking the windsock and a quick preliminary check, but at night things can be a little more demanding. For one, you may not be able to see the windsock clearly, so you may need to call AWOS or listen to ATIS in advance. And your preflight will take a little longer than usual. You will have a flashlight in one hand and the checklist in the other, and in general, it is more difficult to see things in the dark. The documents of the aircraft, the fuel you pumped, the surface of the aircraft, your dashboard, etc. – everything will require closer examination.

Bring at least two torches
You will need one to hold on to, and another easily accessible for when you drop the first one, and roll on the back of the plane.

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