5 Adventurous Activities You can Do While Vacationing With Friends

Is it finally time to go on that long-due vacation with your friends after battling an exhausting work routine? We have you covered for all your adventure needs! If your vacation isn’t complete without fun and risky adventures, you’ve come to the right place. From frozen terrains of Alaska to the tropical views of Hawaii, Here you’ll find a list of activities you can do with your friends and make your vacation memorable and extra fun:

1. Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting beats traditional rafting because white water is faster, rocky, and has shallow stretches that are risky to traverse. These are known as “rapids” and come in different levels of difficulty in the passage.  It is done with 8-12 people and has a total of 6 grades of difficulty. If you’re inexperienced you can stick to level 1, but if you and your friends have some experience, you can have a level 2-3 rafting experience and spend a fun day with your friends. 

2. Helicopter Skydiving

Love skydiving but want to try something different? Helicopter skiving just might be the right trend for you. Helicopter skydiving has gained popularity over traditional airplane skydiving because helicopters can reach remote areas that are typically inaccessible by airplanes. Moreover, they provide maximum visibility and give a beautiful scenic view! You can stand on the ski outside of the helicopter before you jump and experience a unique and mesmerizing moment with nature. A perfect vacation getaway for you and your friends!

3. Ziplining 

Want to know what it feels like to glide across trees like Tarzan? Ziplining is one of a kind experience especially if done in places with a beautiful scenic view or aerial adventure parks. Ziplining is often combined with hiking, mountain climbing, or rock climbing for one of a kind experience and getting the thrill of flying through nature. Places like Hawaii are one of the most popular spots for ziplining and can create a unique experience for you and your friends that you will never forget!

4. Swimming with Sharks

If you’ve always wanted to go on an extreme adventure, get a dip in the ocean and experience swimming with dangerous fish to recreate your own safety-assured version of Jaws! There are tourism agencies that offer sea diving adventures like this. You’ll be placed in a safe cage and lower down into the water. You can come back anytime you start to panic, safe and sound! You can enjoy shark diving with white sharks or Mexican whale sharks in ocean parks and get the adventure of a lifetime! 

5. Dog Sledding

If you’re looking for a kind of adventure to get your blood pumping, take a shot at dog sledding where you’ll be sledding behind a team of huskies going at peak speed on a snow-covered terrain. This is a great way of getting your adrenaline going and getting the winter feel up close. Alaska is the most popular place for dog sledding and exploring freezing terrain. The best part of this experience is you get to pet the dogs afterward! 

You can also do some traditional deep water fishing, skiing, and snowboarding activities with your friends and get away from the stressors of life for a while. Out of all the activities, our personal favorite has to be dog sledding (for the dogs of course!) and all of these adventures are sure to get your blood pumping and bring out that adrenaline rush! So pack your bags and plan an adventure-filled vacation with your friends ASAP!

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