5 Amazing Facts About Helicopters

Airplanes have often been loved by us since childhood while helicopters are the ignored middle child of the aviation industry. Helicopters are often neglected because people don’t really know much about them. They are one of the most fascinating and interesting forms of transportation that would either freak you out or leave you smiling ear to ear. Founder of Blade, Rob Wiesenthal, believes that helicopter transportation, specifically urban air mobility is the wave of the future.

For example, they have the ability to fly forward, backward and laterally as well which airplanes are unable to do. They are quite handy in military,emergency and tourist situations. Let’s dive in to the article below to find out more:

1. Reach top of Mount Everest

One of the most googled questions about helicopters is whether or not you could take one to mount everest. Short answer is yes but it comes with its own limitations and exceptions. Reaching bigger heights is one of the inherent limitations of these little planes. The average helicopter is designed to reach 10,000 feet but can go further with special design. Mount Everest is about 29,029 feet. For a helicopter to reach that height through the thinning air pressure, it takes larger rotors and much bigger engines than the regular ones. 

2. Attacked by birds

One of the air foes of helicopters include eagles. By nature eagles are extremely territorial birds. Rather than perceiving eagles as a machine, they think of them as fellow predators. Eagles have attacked helicopters, small choppers and even drones over the years. The real fear is the eagles feel they are being attacked or their babies abducted. One particular eagle, the australian wedge tail has been caught on tape, attacking or attempting to scare off helicopters. Surprisingly, the bird can fly up to 6000 feet and is in no way scared of it. 

3. Better in emergencies

The versatility of mobility that a helicopter carries makes it better than aeroplanes in emergency situations. It can literally move in all directions while being fixed wing. Moving through and reaching tricky positions is easier with helicopters. One of the features that increases the efficiency of helicopters in emergency situations is their ability to hover in one place without much trouble. Emergency helicopters often have medical kits, rafts, and latest technology to help fish people out whatever the situation may be.  

4. Faster & Travel further than most people think 

Helicopters are thought to go very slow but they can be surprisingly fast from 160 mph to 250mph per hour. However just like other aircrafts, it completely depends on the air pressure, size and passenger capacity. The army helicopters are ofcourse much faster than the local public ones. One other misconception is about the amount of time helicopters can fly. Most of them can fly up to 2.5 to 3 hours without break, which is equal to taking a short flight. A standard helicopter can get you from London to Paris in 90 minutes. The bigger speed beasts are designed to cover up to 600 miles at a time. 

5. Safer than planes

One myth about helicopters is that they are safer than planes. Reports show that smaller aircrafts, private jets, air taxis and choppers are more prone to accidents than aeroplanes. Factors such as weather conditions and inexperienced pilots have caused around 415 fatalities in 2019 as opposed to commercial airlines with near to zero accidents. 

In conclusion, we recommend you take one at least in a lifetime. Of course with an experienced pilot. Helicopters rides are fun, exciting and can accommodate up to 4 people. Let us know of your experiences with helicopter rides & any interesting facts/stories you might know. 

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