5 Things You Need To Know Before Your First Helicopter Ride

Flying in the air, a thousand feet above the ground is an exciting and thrilling experience. You get to see the world like never before, your city, its monuments, elevated picnic spots, local scenic attractions, all this is likely with the heli-tour, that gives you a birds-eye view of the stunning ground. As adventurous as it sounds, being a first-time rider, there could be some nervous jitters as well. so, we are here to prepare you for your first ride, from the seating arrangement to what to wear, timely appearance and bringing a camera, and most importantly, living in the moment. With all this, there are some safety precautions that need to have adhered to for an amazing and lifelong experience. Let’s have a look at some tips that you need to know before your first heli-ride. 

How To Approach The Helicopter

Always wait for the visual signal of the pilot for approaching or leaving the helicopter. On sloppy grounds, use the downslope side for maximum rotor clearance. Avoid any movement when the engines or rotors are getting started or running down. Prefer crouching while walking for extra rotor clearance. 

What To Bring 

The noise-canceling headphones will be provided by the pilot that would allow you to communicate with the fellow passengers. To capture the moment, don’t forget your camera. Sunglasses and sunscreen are a must. Avoid high heels, hanging jewelry, loose clothing, flip flops, hats, and scarves, as helicopter rotors create downwash and you may lose your stuff because of it. Wear comfortable clothes. Full-length pants and jackets would be convenient to cope with the changing altitude. 

Where To Sit 

The helicopter has a capacity of 7-9 people in it. It is essential that you sit in the front for the amazing views. Although general helicopters have large windowpanes and visibility is great from any angle, the best is the one which has its seats facing forward so you can enjoy the sights. In the seating arrangement, weight matters for keeping the balance of the machine. Although heli-rides are fairly smooth, if you feel motion-sickness, it’s better to sit by the window or take Dramamine before the flight. 

Trust The Professionals

Flying is the safest form of travel, much safer than road travel. All you have to do is to trust the pilot as they have the experience of numerous hours of flying and in every weather condition. Also, the machines undergo several tests before the actual flight. The maintenance engineers inspect the helicopters before every flight and they are worth trusting. 

Don’t Panic 

During the take-off and landing, it is common to feel some turbulence. Do not panic. It is normal. It happens with the sudden change of airflow or by hot rising air or by air traffic. The ride will be smooth once the helicopter gains altitude. Just sit tight and let the pilot do his work. 

Follow The Instructions

Always listen to your pilot. Never untie the belt during the session. The helicopters swoop and serve during the flight. Wearing the seat belt would keep you from tossing away. Follow the instructions of the maintenance staff. Keep a first aid kit in your approach in case of emergency. Keep check of the flotation devices, life jackets before the flight takes off. In case of any query, consult the pilot without any hesitation. You may also watch safety videos on Youtube for a better understanding of safety measures during the flight. Although the helicopter flight is extremely safe, it is essential to commit to the safety standards and follow instructions. 

For a seamless experience, schedule the heli-tour in the morning or early noon hours. This will allow you to have a perfect shot as this time of the day comes with clear visibility. Relax, take deep breaths, and live the moment.

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