7 Reasons Why Flying On A Private Jet Never Gets Old

In the last couple of years, the private jet industry has experienced a boom as more and more people consider flying private. The new patrons who prefer the ease of travel and flexibility understand the benefits of business aviation and are keen on reaping them for their advantage. There are numerous benefits to traveling via private jets, perhaps more in the times of the covid-19 pandemic than ever before.

The need for safe, flexible, and timely air travel had made private air travel more accessible to the general audience. Most aviation services can easily be availed via different platforms, and private jets are no longer considered solely as a means of luxury air travel. Instead, they have now become a necessary means of travel because of their variety of offerings.

If you are not completely sold on the idea of traveling via private jets, you might reconsider after realizing its benefits. From convenience to practicality, here are 7 reasons why traveling in a private jet is ideal:

1.      Traveling Via Private Jets Saves Time

Remember waking up hours before your flight and getting in long traffic lines in the airport? If you are flying on a private jet there are no lines or prerequisites like in commercial planes. Whether you arrive an hour early or an hour late, a private jet doesn’t take off without you. You will not only be able to spend less time at the airport, but you also have the luxury of picking out where you land. Private jets are smaller than commercial planes, making it easier for them to get landing permissions, even on smaller sites.

2.      On Private Jets, You Decide the Schedule

With private jets, you don’t have to browse for the availability of different flights on different dates. Instead, you can pick and choose where you want to be and when. If your stay lasts longer than expected, or if you have to book an emergency flight somewhere – traveling via private jets gives you the option of making your flight schedule. Easily reroute your flights to fit your travel needs and align with the travel crew.

3.      You Reach Your Destination Faster

Typically, commercial airlines have multiple prerequisites that need to be met before the planes leaves or lands. Fortunately, none of that double-checking, logging in luggage, and cross-verification is required when flying private. If your private jet has enough fuel capacity to take you to your destination, you would be flying directly there. Traveling on private planes removes layovers and unnecessary checkpoints. More importantly, private jets fly higher, which means they don’t compete for space with bigger planes – resulting in a faster arrival to your destination.

4.      Safer Means of Travel

One of the reasons why most people preferred traveling privately during the covid-19 pandemic was that it reduced exposure, and thus, was considered safer. Passengers that fly via commercial airlines have to go through multiple touchpoints before getting on the plane, and after. Whereas, in private air travel, the number of touchpoints is greatly reduced, which then reduces your risk of exposure to contagions. Moreover, there are a limited number of passengers and crew members, making it even more safe and secure to travel privately.

5.      Private Air Travel Offers Value For Money

When thinking about private air travel, it is common to think of a high price point. However, in recent years, the private charter has become more affordable. Most of the rates we see today are the same as that of flying business class, which then makes flying private more value-oriented. With corporate executives and business owners who don’t have much time to spare, flying via a private jet is more convenient than flying business class.

6.      Privacy and Security

Private travel is usually a preferred way of traveling for many athletes, celebrities, political figures, and other corporate personalities, and it is not without reason. Private air travel offers unmatched privacy and security, the comfort and convenience are respected and protected throughout the course of the travel. For high net individuals and business people who have to work on the go, private jet travel allows them space to work at ease.

7.      Unmatched Comfort and Amenities

Private air travel ensures that passengers get outstanding amenities that are easily more appealing than commercial airline’s premium offerings. You can pick and choose what your private jet offers, starting from spacious cabin space, master bedrooms, showers, to plush leather seats, and more. Since you have the entire cabin for yourself, you can freely bring any item of necessity with you, and your beloved pets! Bring any item that is required on your trip without worrying about luggage capacity and experience some of the finest in-flight gourmet dishes.

Traveling via a private jet offers many benefits, and caters best to people with specific needs. Be it fast traveling, safety, comfort, or all three – private jets have a dedicated niche now and for years to come.

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