7 Things You Need to Know Before Chartering A Private Jet

Traveling through a private jet is becoming a standard as it offers a luxurious experience and   convenience. People who are done with the unpredictable and restrictive schedules of commercial airlines are more prone to travel by private jet to avoid helter-skelter and restricted travel. Travelling through a private jet is extravagant in every sense of the word. Be it the comfort, the exquisite meals or the panache. If this would be your first flight on a chartered private jet, this article is for you. We are here with some useful information which you must know before chartering a private jet. Have a look. 

Book In Advance

Traveling through a private jet is becoming a norm and it is wise to book in advance especially in the holiday seasons and during festivals to avoid any inconvenience in the last moment. Booking early has many advantages as you may have the liberty to choose the best among the aircrafts, based on size, comfort and convenience for your family, friends or business gatherings. 

Bring Your Documents

The private aircraft travelers know that they don’t have to wait in long security lines or to follow strict luggage limitations or comply with the beverage rules. But they still need proper identification documents to get on board. For international trips, passports are a must, for domestic ones, a driving licence would work. Traveling through private jets has its privileges, but identification documents are a must.

Choose Your Type Of Plane 

Depending who you are flying with, the number of people, luggage volume, budget and the route, choose yourself the best in the market. For long haul flights, Global Express, Gulfstream G650 or Boeing Business are the best options in ultra long range jets. They come with multi zone cabins, flat beds and larger bathrooms and give VIP protocol in the middle of the sky. 

Don’t Go Beyond The Deal

Make sure you stay put with the deal you bought at the time of booking. If you require anything beyond the package, such as coffee, snacks, water, soda or Wi-Fi, inform them beforehand. While on flight these extras can add much to your post flight charges. Also inform them of ground transportation if you require any don’t think that it will be readily available for you on the spot.

Take Along Your Pets

Based on the model and the make, a private light jet can travel from 600 to 2000 miles. While booking, clearly inform them the number of people and the luggage you will be carrying so that you can get the aircraft that fit your needs. And yes, you can carry your pet with you on a private jet with a valid pet passport. A special approved kennel is placed to entertain your pet during the flight. So don’t forget to mention them while booking a jet. 

How Billing Works?

In renting and leasing a private jet, the charges include fuel, handling fees and crew. The overnight hangarage, de-icing,  and other technical considerations, along with entertainment and specific food requests cost additional charges. 

Rescheduling, Extending or Changing Destination

This all can be done but will be more effective if given prior notice of at least 24 hours. In urgent cases, permission needs to be granted and revised flight plans need to be shared. The landing fees may vary and additional flight times adds more charges in the billing. Changes are flexible but could be heavy on your pocket. 

With this information in hand, we wish you to enjoy your first private jet flight to the fullest.

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