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Ill Al Skratch

Where My Homiez? (Come Around My Way)

Label Mercury
Released 1994
From Ill Al Skratch 1994 LP "Creep Wit' Me".

Underground hip hop & 90's classics

Digging Into Hip Hop (dihh) is an experimental crate digging experience about 90's hip hop. Explore & listen to a selection of boom bap hip hop, classic golden era, underground rarities and random rap tracks.

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Navigate in the crates using mouse wheel, arrows keys or by clicking and dragging on the records. Click on a vinyl record or press space to open it, show info and listen to the track.

The core of the 3D crate digging engine is an open source projet made in WebGL with Three.js. It is available on github and open to any contribution, improvement or suggestion.

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