How To Make Your First Helicopter Ride Memorable

Imagine yourself hundreds of meters above the ground, hovering in a helicopter, overlooking the serene natural beauty and the skyscrapers under your feet. The idea is equally exciting and overwhelming. No matter how many times you have traveled from an airplane, the thrill of a helicopter ride is one of its own. Hovering under the sky in the middle of nowhere is a matchless experience that only a helicopter ride can move over. We are glad if you share our excitement but if your emotions and anxiety of the unknown have swept over you,  work through this to have one of the most memorable experiences of your life. 

1. Trust The Process

Your pilot is a trained professional having hundreds of hours of experience flying on the same air route with the same machine in the best and the worst weather conditions. He will introduce himself with a safety briefing about the seating arrangement, life jackets, first aid box, and every question you have under the sun. The safety briefings give you the chance to address any of the concerns that you may have before the flight. Talking about the machine, there is a list of protocols the maintenance engineers have to follow every time before a machine is scheduled to fly up in the air so there is no reason to fret about the ride. Focus on what you are about to see, the unveiled nature, the top of the mountains, the skyscrapers, the green valleys all in these few minutes. 

2. Always Listen To Your Pilot 

There are some preferred, acceptable, and prohibited safety zones to reach and leave the helicopter. Always wait for a visual signal from the pilot to enter the helicopter. It’s better to approach the helicopter from the front side windows or the middle sector of the machine. The rear area is highly prohibited. In case of dust or grit,  or for extra rotor clearance or when the rotors are just about to turn off or startup,  wait for the pilot to approve your movement in or out of the helicopter. Keep in mind that small air turbulence is normal while taking off or landing. There is no need to create panic at the moment. You will surely have a smooth ride once your helicopter takes altitude. 

3. Follow The Safety Precautions

Every helicopter has a built-up safety mechanism to keep its passengers safe and sound during the flight. It is crucial to wear a seatbelt throughout the flight to avoid getting tossed down when the machine sweeps and serves in the middle of the air, these sudden movements can also cause motion sickness, so better keep medicine with you in case of any inconvenience. Also if you are prone to feeling nauseous at heights, better manage yourself in the middle seat to keep the turbulence less as possible. 

4. What To Wear & What To Carry Along 

Wear comfortable pieces of clothing for your helicopter ride, a pair of jeans, and your favorite T-shirt would do the job along with a closed rubber sole pair of shoes. Avoid puffy clothing, skirts, and open sandals. Avoid taking your handbags, wallet, jewelry pieces, or any extra items that you don’t want to fly away in the air. Carry a pair of sunglasses to keep the glaring sun and a camera to capture the amazing moments. Your seating will be determined on the basis of your height and weight, so do not argue about the window seat. Or if you want the front seat, get it reserved already or pay extra to get a hold of it. Although the seating is solely managed to keep the machine balanced. 

Flying in the air is an experience like nothing else. Take safety precautions, follow your pilot instructions and open your arms to a matchless and seamless experience. We hope that these tips will help you make your first helicopter ride memorable for life. 

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