The Most Expensive Jets And Their Owners

Latest studies and researches are showing that the elite of the world are spending approximately more than $40 Million each year to buy top of the line and exquisite private jets and spending even more on flying and maintaining them. Just like any other thing in a materialistic world these private jets are also now a sign of your wealth and not just a means of transportation for the head of the state who needed that extra security. Apart from the security that people seek in private jets, what really makes them popular among the riches club is their comfort. The luxurious and comfortable journey that these charter jets offer is probably their biggest selling point. 

Let’s find out who owns some of the most expensive, advanced and luxurious private jets around the world!

1. John Travolta 

If there’s one person that was going to be on the top of this list it was going to be him! The famed artist of “Grease” and “Saturday Night Fever” rose to the greatest heights of his career with these movies in the 70’s. One more thing he has always been known for is his love for flying. If there was one way to show your love for planes it would be to have a parking lot in your freaking law, which he literally does! Owning a total of 5 jets which include 3 Gulfstream Jets, 1 Boeing 707-138 and 1 Lear jet. 

His crown jewel, Boeing is his most expensive plane which he acquired in 1998 priced at an astounding $77-57 Million which is just the base price of this aircraft. An additional $20 Million must be added for the outstanding interior design and installation costs! The plane that could originally house a total of 150 people only caters to a total of 15 people now because two custom built bedrooms have been made for John for the time he takes a vacation with his family.  

2. Joseph Lau

A convicted felon and fugitive in Macau owns one of the most expensive private jets all around the world! Boeing 747-8 VIP which is $367 Million is owned by this real estate king from hong kong. This jet is literally one of my dreams, with a spiral case staircase inside and two levels, I mean who wouldn’t want it! A gym and a huge private office to hold large meetings is the best feature of this plane along with its flight range of 17,020 kilometers allowing Joseph to cruise around without landing for a refuel frequently. Two separate lounges and a stateroom which many hotels can’t seem to beat just goes on to show the money that has been spent on the customization of this private jet. 

While Joseph Law prefers to live a very incognito life there are a lot of details about one of the most expensive planes in the world owned by him. The plane boasts an amazing speed of 1195 km/hr which a lot of other expensive planes can’t beat. Well one thing is for sure we know why he’s a fugitive after all.

3. Donald Trump 

Trump’s Boeing 757 would have made it to the top of the list but my feelings came in the middle and I had to put him down (no offence intended). Anyway the reason I think Trump would have made it to the top of the list is one of the most unnecessary upgrades on the outside and the inside of his plane with gold bathroom fixtures and his name gold plated in 23 carat gold engraved outside of the plane. Although he brought this plane from Paul Allen he has made enough customizations to not only make it one of the most expensive planes but luxurious and comfortable too! A master bedroom with a work desk for the former president and business tycoon coupled with a home theatre system and a 52 inches flat screen for Trump to watch all his favorite movies. 

As if the gold fittings in the bathroom weren’t enough that he has gold plated seat belt buckles and multiple other gold fittings all around the plane. The Boeing 757 has two Rolls Royce Engines which can travel upto 7222 km without needing a refuel. 

4. Sultan Of Brunei 

It was clear that this man was going to make it to this lost as he’s known to be one of the richest people in the world. His custom Boeing 747-300 cost 323 million USD and to top it all off he has reportedly spent around 100 Million USD on the luxurious interior of the plane. The wash basin has literally been made out of solid gold and i just have one question, does the hand washing have any difference in this gold washbasin?! If we keep going on and on about the unnecessary things in this plane there’s a lot we might keep questioning. So let’s just get into the specifications of the plane. A cruising speed of 1000 km/h and a flight range of 14,000 kilometers the plane is ideal for long trips to Europe and America for the Sultan. A long yet comfortable journey amidst gold and silver fittings is waiting for him. 

While many of us only dream to live a life of this comfort and stature these people are living the best life in their top of the line private jets which they have converted into a literal home in the sky. Interestingly enough some of them have their planes available for chartering you can do that if you really want to live a luxurious experience.

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